Top-Tier Universities Bring Fresh Perspectives & Eager Minds

What We Do

Bringing the Best Ideas from the Laboratory to the People Who Need Them

Brilliant professors and researchers around the world are working on incredible things that can transform the lives of seniors. At the ITC, we identify the most promising technologies being created around the world and help bring them out of the laboratory and into the senior market where they can do the most good.

Clinical Validation for a New, Value-Based Healthcare World

Having a great product technology or product isn’t enough. In an age when demonstrably improving outcomes and lowering costs is becoming more important every day, we partner with leading universities to prove out the benefits of new solutions, speeding adoption by the market and helping to improve care.

Success Stories

“The partnership between Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis, and Direct Supply’s Innovation program brings together the best of analytics talent, academic research and industry practitioners to apply cutting-edge data science and AI techniques to solve one of the biggest problems for America in the coming years – taking care of our nation’s seniors.”

— Seethu Seetharman, Professor of Marketing

“The partnership between MSOE and Direct Supply has provided our faculty with interesting projects on which to conduct innovative research. Experience at Direct Supply provides current and relevant insights that provide excellent illustrations in the classroom. Students have directly benefited through internship opportunities, sponsored projects in the software development lab, and design review feedback in their software architecture course from experienced Direct Supply engineers.”

 Dr. Chris Taylor, Software Engineering Program Director

“Students participating in the Hackathon form multidisciplinary teams from both tech and non-tech related fields of study to identify a problem facing our senior population, then work on a solution to address the need. To assure that they develop solutions that are viable, they are mentored and judged by both Direct Supply engineers and Marquette faculty. Direct Supply is the clear leader in design challenge event programming with their ability to attract and engage students, and the Technology and Innovation Center has allowed the students to develop professionally even after the event has ended.”

 Laura Lindemann, Director of Industry Relations